Dear Valued Customers,

We are BA MUOI Company, was established in 2011. We supply the sealing solutions for variety industries such as Oil and Gas, Power Plant, Petrochemical, Chemicals, Steel, Pulp and Paper, Food and beverage, Cement, Mining, Water/ Sewage.

Our product portfolio:

Mechanical seals for pumps Mechanical seals for agitators Mechanical seals for compressors Seal supply systems


Gland Packing Gasket O-Ring Expansion Joint


Our service:

Mechanical seals: Inspect/ lap/ polish/ replace/ leakage test for all mechanical seals

Expansion Joint: Dismantle and install new Fabric Expansion Joint


Our engineering seal: Supply the customized seal by the customer request



Our slogan: Reliable Partner – Reasonable Price – Optimal solution – Quick delivery

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41/7 Street 5, Town 6, Binh Hung Hoa ward, Binh Tan Distric, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Tel: +84 28.6685.0400 – Fax: +84 28.6269.7907